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  • Medicated Garlics

    Medicated Garlics

    Description: 2. Variety: Normal White Garilc, Pure White Garlic 3. Supply Period: almost all year round 3.1) Fresh Season: end of June to early Sep. 3.2) Cold Storage: Sep. to early May. 4. Supply Cap...

  • farm use edible fungi mushroom and vegetable water irrigation sprinklers tube

    farm use edible fungi mushroom and vegetable water irrigation sprinklers tube

    length 20m, high quality, 9 holes by hanging irrigation, 5 holes by landing irrigation Contact:

  • Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate fertilizer grade

    Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate fertilizer grade

    Specification Appearance Light brown powder Solubility Completely water soluble Magnesium Min. 6% Total Amino Acid 30% min Heavy metals 10ppm max As 5ppm max Na 18% max Moisture 5% max...

  • Indian Spices

    Indian Spices

    We are teh growers and exporters of best spices from Kashmir ....

  • Cold store machines and plants in Bangladesh

    Cold store machines and plants in Bangladesh

    All kinds of cold store machines with installation and trial run service...

  • Many different species of sheeps and goats for sell

    Many different species of sheeps and goats for sell

    Africa and asian species of goats,, we sell in large qauntity and we ship them world wide ,,if ineterested contact us now...

  • multifunctional vegetable cutter

    multifunctional vegetable cutter

    ZHENGZHOU SHULIY MACHINERY CO.LTD can do Multi-function Vegetable cutter, multifunctional vegetable cutter, stainless steel vegetable cutter, Automatic Vegetable Cutter Detail introduction 1) raw ...

  • Chinese XinJiang date

    Chinese XinJiang date

    1. Name:Chinese red dates 2. Place of origin:  XinJiang 3. Taste: Sweet  4. Seed: with      1. Supplying pe...

  • Dry Red Pepper

    Dry Red Pepper

    Product name: dry red pepper Manufacturing at: Yunnan, China No sudan, no additive...

  • hydroponics inline fan

    hydroponics inline fan

    hydroponics fan        Circular duct Fan is always finding new uses for its versatile  in-line centrifugal duct fan. The compact and powerful duct fan provides mu...

  • Steel Structure Marquee

    Steel Structure Marquee

      Features of Steel Structure Marquee (SS-150905)   1. Dimensions: W9.0xL15.0xH5.5m (29'6''x49'x18') 2. Fabric: Durable PVC tarpaulin, waterproof, fire retardant and UV re...

  • coix lacryma/ coix lacryma-jobi/ adlay

    coix lacryma/ coix lacryma-jobi/ adlay

          Coix lacryma/ coix lacryma-jobi/adlay   medicine use: Inducing diuresis, excreting dampness, strengthening spleen, arresting diarrhea, clearing heat and pus.   &...

  • Market Prices for Ginger

    Market Prices for Ginger

    1.Conmodity:Market Prices for Ginger 2.Origin: Luoping,Yunnan county,China 3.Big Advantages:Farm-based, first-hand, manufactory, natural & organic   Place of O...

  • Arab Robe stock, stock

    Arab Robe stock, stock

     1.Arab robe stock 2.100% cotton 3.size:102x72cm 4.weight:220g 5.good price,high quality...

  • mung bean

    mung bean

    mung bean , Chinese green mung bean We can supply green mung bean all year round and all new crop harvest , top export quality standards . Size : 3.0mm --- 4.0mm 3.2mm,3.6mm,3.8mm Moisture : 13% ma...

  • self-propelled square hay baler

    self-propelled square hay baler

     32hp diesel engine, 3 cylinder 3+1*2 clutch working width: 1-2 m bales cross section: 360*460mm length: 100-2000mm adjustable working capability: 120 bales/hour with or without cutting bal...

  • Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin Food Additives Natural Green Colorant

    Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin Food Additives Natural Green Colorant

    content: 99% min Detection Method : UV The main component: Copper chlorophyll trisodium and Copper chlorophyll tartrate Character: greenblack powder, and easily soluble in water. Origin : It i...

  • Yam flour production line

    Yam flour production line

    Processing capacity: 10 tons/day yam starch 20 tons/day yam starch 50 tons/day yam starch 100 tons/day yam starch 200 tons/day yam starch 300 tons/day yam starch       Advanta...

  • soy bean meal

    soy bean meal

    organic soy meal with Organic certificate, GMO free, ECOCERT certificate 1. Protein: >44% (on dry basis) 2. Water: <8% 3. Fiber: <7% 4. 22mt/20'fcl we are exporting worldwide r...

  • Naturally Grown Daylily/Hemerocallis

    Naturally Grown Daylily/Hemerocallis

    CITRON daylily   Latin Name: Hemerocallis Fulva L. Our Hemerocallis is unsulfured. It is natural dried.   1. This product is green agriculture, no aflatoxin, no Salmonella,good for you...