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  • mushroom instant noodles
  • Sour mustard and beef/instant noodles
  • delicious chinese Instant noodles

    delicious chinese Instant noodles

    chinese Instant noodles with good quality 85g product Type noodles style instant processing Type Fried packing bag Feature Nomal Primary Ingredie...

  • instant noodles

    instant noodles

     instant noodles  Packing:85g*30packsDimensions:32.5*30.2*13 cmQTY:5400ctns/40HQ,2500ctns/20FTIngredients:palm oil,Salt,Wheat Flour,sodium polyphosphate,potassium carbonate....

  • Top-Mamee instant noodle(beef)

    Top-Mamee instant noodle(beef)

    beef flavor instant noodlePacking:60g*30packsDimensions:30*28.2*13.3 cmQTY:6100ctns/40HQ,2310ctns/20FTIngredients:palm oil,Salt,Wheat Flour,Sodium Polyphosphate,Potassium carbonate...

  • Top-MAMEE  Instant Noodle

    Top-MAMEE Instant Noodle

    Top-Mamee instant noodle(Chicken flavour)Packing:85g*30packsDimensions:32.5*30.2*13 cmQTY:5400ctns/40HQ,2500ctns/20FTIngredients:noodle:  palm oil,Salt,Wheat Flour,Sodium Polyphosphate,Potassium ...

  • Instant foods

    Instant foods

      Product Attributes: QianNa  instant noodles main ingredients are wheat or buckwheat, which are expertly crafted from freshly milled, grown heirloom grains, these grains have been ...

  • Jin MaiLang (Middle Bowl) Instant Noodle
  • Mixed noodles- seafood flavor

    Mixed noodles- seafood flavor

    It have three seasoning bags, one fast food plate and one fork inside, it can be served after be opened.It uses modern technology and has traditional hand-made noodles' flavor. Really teasty,Convenie...