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  • Vacuum conveyor

    Vacuum conveyor

    XF-V Vacuum conveying equipment     I. Characteristic:   The machine is well designed and produced, consisted of vacuum pump (non-oil & non-water), stainless-steel-made produc...

  • vacuum conveyor

    vacuum conveyor

    Advantages: 1. The vacuum pump vents airflow that can auto-clean acuumulative materials on percolartor, and the blow-out  airflow are inhaled by the vacuum pump. Keeping inside airflow enclose c...

  • Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor Model QVC-6

    Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor Model QVC-6

    Features: Without Mechanical vacuum pump, Pneumatic vacuum Conveyor transports the materials by a vacuum generator compressing the air. It has strengthen of simple structure, small size, easy maintena...

  • QVC-3 Vacuum Conveyor

    QVC-3 Vacuum Conveyor

    Applictions: QVC-3 Vacuum Conveyor( vacuum loading machine ,vacuum conveyor) is a kind of vacuum transportation machine using pneumatic vacuum pump as vacuum resources.   We can directly delive...

  • Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor

    Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor

    QVC series pneumatic vacuum conveyer is used in automatic feeding material for tablet press machine, capsule filling machine, packing machine, pulverizing machine, screen machine and mixing machine. I...

  • QVC-3 Tablet Powder Vacuum Conveyor

    QVC-3 Tablet Powder Vacuum Conveyor

    QVC-3 Tablet Powder Vacuum Conveyor   The QVC-3 Tablet Powder Vacuum Conveyor uses multi-stage ejector pump and metal filter. Our technology has achieved international advance level.   Characteristic: 1--Using compressed ...

  • Belt Conveyor Vacuum Dryer

    Belt Conveyor Vacuum Dryer

      Belt Conveyor Vacuum Dryer   Highlight 1. low temperature 2. fast drying time 3. keep tea fragrance 4. good solution 5. good color 6. low consumption 7. high output &...