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  • Induction cooker,home appliance,induction stove

    Induction cooker,home appliance,induction stove

    Production name: induction cooker, induction stove,kitchen appliance Model name: IH-J35K       Features : 1) LCD, multi-color screen, work period, power, temperature, error code, power consumption display.   2) Dua...

  • DCL-1650 induction cooker/home appliance/kitchen appliance

    DCL-1650 induction cooker/home appliance/kitchen appliance

    Product: Induction cooker/kitchen appliance/home appliance Modle: DCL-1650     Features 1.Anti-leakage magnetic technology (Patent NO.: ZL 2004 2 0044655.0),. it can protect you...

  • induction cooker/kitchen appliance/home appliance

    induction cooker/kitchen appliance/home appliance

    Product name:induction cooker/kitchen appliance/ home appliance Model name: IH-10T   Features: 1) 10T Hot pot king is specially designed for hotels and hot pot towns. 2) It can be either embedded in the table or put onto the surface of the...

  • Induction cooker,kitchen appliance,home appliance

    Induction cooker,kitchen appliance,home appliance

    Production name: induction cooker,cooker,kitchen appliance Model name: IH-AD20     Features: 1) Innovative concave panel design both applicable for traditional round-bottom wok and frying pan.   2) Dual anti-leakage magnetic...

  • induction cooker,induction cooktop,home appliance

    induction cooker,induction cooktop,home appliance

    Production name:  induction cooker,home appliance,induction cooktop Model name: IH-30A   Features: )Integrated touch-sensitive switches, black crystal cooker panel, ...

  • induction cooker,induction stove,home appliance

    induction cooker,induction stove,home appliance

    Production name:induction cooker,induction stove,home appliance Model name:DCL-800QY   Features: 1)Functions for tea making, water boiling, coffee making and noodle cooking.   ...

  • induction cooker,home appliance,cooker

    induction cooker,home appliance,cooker

    Product: induction cooker/ home appliance/ cooker Model:IH-B10   Features: 1) Feather-touch keys, deluxe and noble. 2) Microcystal glass panel, refractory, discolor-free and easy for cleaning. 3)Anti-magnetic leakage technology can p...

  • IH-F20Y(ETL certificate) induction cooker/home appliance

    IH-F20Y(ETL certificate) induction cooker/home appliance

    Production name: induction cooker/kitchen appliance/home appliance Model name: IH-F20Y   Features:  has the ETL certificate, can be exported to north America   1)&...

  • 2012 induction cooker in home appliance XR-20/B18R

    2012 induction cooker in home appliance XR-20/B18R

    Product information 1)Button control;  2)Simple but fashion design; 3)High temp.-resistant black ctystal glass plate; 4)Multi-cooking functions 5)Commercial induction,expert of hotpot;...

  • IH-120QY Induction cooker/home appliance

    IH-120QY Induction cooker/home appliance

    Production name:Induction cooker/kitchen appliance/home appliance Model name:  IH-120QY       Features: 1) full black appearance, noble and elegant. 2) Three controls: 80W 600W 1200W 3) Auto water boiling 4) Auto...