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  • disperse dyestuffs

    disperse dyestuffs

    we are  Afine Chemicals Limited as one world-wide supplier for disperse dyestuffs.We manufacture, source and supply high-tech fine chemicals, we focus on Pharmaceuticals,related intermediates, te...

  • Disperse dyestuffs

    Disperse dyestuffs

     Disperse dyes:Yellow 114 200%,  Yellow 54 ,  Orange 44 200%,  Red 343100%,  Red 60 100%  ,Brown 11 50%,  Blue 60 200%,  Blue183200%,  Blue366 200%,&n...

  • Disperse Dyestuffs CIBA counter

    Disperse Dyestuffs CIBA counter

    We are ZG Chemical in China,one high reputable dyestuff manufacturer and chemicals exporter.our main products are disperse dyestuffs and reactive dyestuffs.80% products are exported to foreign ab...

  • Disperse dyestuffs Red 356

    Disperse dyestuffs Red 356

    Structure:C26H20O5strength:100%,150%Color:Red powderlight:6-7;Perspiration:5;washing:5Use:Polyester dyeing  printing1 YELLOW SE-G  100%Y325KGS CARTONS2 YELLOW E...

  • Disperse dyestuffs Red 60

    Disperse dyestuffs Red 60

    Structure:C20H13NO4strength: 200%.Color:Violet Red light :6-7;Perspiration:5;washing:5Use:Polyester dyeing  printing1 YELLOW SE-G  100%Y325KGS CARTONS2 YELLOW E...