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auto body filler

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  • Auto body filler

    Auto body filler

    Auto body filler for exclusive factory use in vehicoes surface filling and leveling up in auto industry.The product features fineness and smoothness,easy painting,high impact and temperature resi...

  • Sell Auto Body Filler

    Sell Auto Body Filler

    Style No.: RICHJAZZ Polyester Putty Specification:N.W.=4.0kg Brand:RICHJAZZ Ingredients: Unsaturated polyesters resins, styrene, titanium dioxide, stuffing, anti sediment agent, Cobalt bis (2-ethylhex...

  • auto body filler

    auto body filler

      2000production description(super poly putty) Application&characteristic:   The optimal comprehensive function, excellent apply property, particularly easy burnishing, and there is no pinhole as well as sand hole, improvement of efficie...

  • RICHJAZZ Auto body filler

    RICHJAZZ Auto body filler

    Body Filler's Ingredients: Unsaturated polyesters resins, stuffing and catalyst mixing ratio 100:2. Applications: Good scratching performance, excellent resistance to temperature changing, outstanding adhesive force and elasticity. It is mainly being app...

  • body filler for auto repair

    body filler for auto repair

      400superfine poly putty Application&characteristic This product is specially designed for large surface repair and filling of automobile. Good apply performance for large surface, quick...